About Us

  • Kites And Nine pinS is a learning and activity space for kids created with the objective to make learning enjoyable
  • Maths
    • Maths Curriculum: IB/CBSE/Cambridge
    • Seriously Addictive Maths (S.A.M) – a Singapore Maths Pedagogy
    • Maths preparation for PSAT/SAT and other competitive exams
    • Maths guided practice for exams preparation
  • English
    • English Enrichment
    • English preparation for PSAT/SAT and other competitive exams
    • Vocabulary building using word etymology
    • Creative Writing
    • Public speaking – Thinking on your feet
  • Enrichment Courses
    • PSAT/SAT Preparation
    • Financial Literacy
    • Economics
    • Tabla by Sh Yashwant Pundu
    • Theatre workshop – Samahaara
    • Sciences
    • Earth Science
    • Art
  • Friendly atmosphere plus quality curriculum

    Award winning curriculum

    For all our subjects, we follow a structured year long graded curriculum. We provide a holistic Maths enrichment program based on the Singapore pedagogy, which has been ranked as the world’s best Maths program. The science project kits, by Butterfly Fields, closely follows the school curriculum, helping the child strengthen the concepts.

  • Dedicated classrooms with top skilled educators.

    one to one teaching methodology

    We follow a healthy 1:5 teacher to student ratio, ensuring that each child gets personalized attention. Further, our method of instruction is one to one, ensuring that the specific focus areas for the child are addressed.

    • Enrichment Programs

      We offer multiple after school enrichment programs for 3-18 years old children

    • Focus on concepts

      All our enrichment programs have an objective of providing a conceptual understanding of the subjects aligned with the school curriculum

    • Award winning Math program

      Adopted and modelled based on Singapore Math (national curriculum of Singapore schools).

    • Customised Learning

      We customize our program & introduce them to children individually and not in groups.

    • Visual Learning

      For all our programs, we follow the principle of visual learning as against rote learning.

  • What's New

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